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Say what!!??

Yes I know I'm a bit slow with the social networks and all this  so-called "technology" but at long last I am finally on Twitter!

I talk mainly about writing and gaming and it is also where I talk about what in the world I'm spending my time on when I'm not on DeviantArt. You can also hear me whine about being a teenager and feel good about yourself for that!
This is my gift to you. So follow me now at @malthesporring and let me know that you're listening! This is all very exciting for me and your support is wildly encouraging. :)

Have a good one! You deserve it.
        A car screeched and stopped in the distance. Somehow, she knew it was him. After all, who else could it be?
    The night was stormy and raindrops were drumming against the crystal windows, melting the colorful mosaic formations. The sky was twisting like soup in a hundred gradients of grey and bursts of lightning broke open the clouds like spears. Outside, the world was crying.
    She was staring at the door, completely silent and still. And yet, inside her mind another storm was raging. Her thoughts were fighting against each other, biting and scorching and cutting until her stomach was twisting and her mind pounding. She tried desperately to focus on the single ones, the ones that mattered, the ones that made sense and gave her the outcome she wanted. But the rage, the screams and the despair overshadowed everything else.
Suddenly, the door knob turned. Her body froze. What should I say?
    The oaken door squeaked loudly as it was pushed open. A silhouette appeared in the doorway, wet and dark and cold from the night. She turned away from him, refusing to look. trying hopelessly to keep the tears in. I won't let him see me cry.
    They were both silent for a moment. And yet, in the quiet a flaming discussion was taking place between the two young humans.
    When she finally spoke, her voice was trembling. "Why did you come back?" she sniffed. Why couldn't she just stop crying?
    "I came back for you." His voice was a whisper. Though she was facing away from him, he recognized her instantly. Her slim arms, her thin waist, the soft ruby hair that fell from her soft face down her straight back. Everything about her was intact. Everything he'd missed about her was still there. It reminded him why he came back, after all that time. Just once more, he promised himself. "I've been missing you so much. You have no idea about how hollow I've felt without you. So many nights have passed, filled with enough regret and remorse to make my stomach twist and turn. I'm so sorry, I..."
    "Go away." Her whisper was almost inaudible.
    "GO AWAY! There is NO place for you here. NONE! Not anymore." Her screams echoed throughout the marble walls. "You've hurt me too bad. You say you've missed me, that you've been wallowing in misery ever since you ran away." Elisa spat on the ground. "It's nothing compared to what I've been through. I've been crying for days and nights, closing myself off completely from the world outside, to try and heal myself. Now, finally - finally I can see myself moving on, see myself in a world without you. And you have the nerve to show up here, expecting me to forgive you? Expecting me to forget all the tears I've shed for you? Never! Not as long as I live. Do you hear me!? As long as night is dark and day is bright I will never forgive you!" Elisa turned around and allowed herself one glance at him. She sent him a look filled with loathing and lightning.
    A sting like the stab from a knife pierced her stomach. Seeing him was too much. The fuzzy chestnut hair, the scraggy beard, the hands always stuffed away in his leather pockets. It was like nothing had changed about him at all. Look away, Elisa. She thought desperately to herself. You have to be strong. Don't let him get the best of you. He's lying, he's... She suddenly remembered the way he used to hold her, his look and how he would mutter her name. Elisa... And suddenly every thought in her mind, all the bad ones and all the good ones, faded away into nothing like they had never existed in the first place. Regret hit her in the stomach like a fist and Elisa couldn't hold the tears in anymore. Watery drops began prickling down her cheek, and as her lament got stronger, sobs came from her mouth as well. Elisa let it all go. She couldn't hold all the pain and regret in anymore. Not anymore.
    Jonathan walked over to hold her and it was as if in that moment every yell, every brawl and every inch of hatred didn't matter anymore. He held her the way he used to. She rested her head on his shoulder the way she used to. They dried their tears together and looked at each other, with a split-second of the spark that they used to have in their eyes and for a moment it was like they were still together, like the rings on their fingers still bore meaning. But Elisa knew that this was an illusion, fractions from a dream long lost to the greedy hands of time.
    "Do you remember when this was our life?" he asked softly.
    Elisa nodded. She missed it. She didn't want to admit it, but it was true.
    Jonathan raised Elisa's chin with two fingers, forcing her to look him in the eyes."You've missed me, Elisa, I know you have. I can feel it in your body."
    Elisa didn't answer. She was getting light-headed and losing control of her body. The headache was pumping harder and harder inside her head. His eyes were so blue... Walk away, Elisa. Walk away right now. His eyes were so blue...
    "Elisa, please. Through better and worse; you made those vows. I've always been for you in the worse times, Elisa. When we first met, you were alone and without hope but I still took you into my heart. When our little Robert died you were mad and you fought and threw things at me I forgave you. I've always forgiven you. And do you know why?"
    Elisa looked up at her husband. Her mind told her to push him away, but her body didn't react anymore. And the tears didn't stop coming. Don't listen to him, Elisa. Don't.
    "I did it all because I love you."
    And there was nothing she could do.

    Jonathan opened his eyes slowly. The sun was slowly beginning to rise outside, breaking through the grey skies and painting the above in an inferno of red and orange. He carefully removed the arm hugging his chest and stood up with slow moves, making sure not to wake her. He took one final look at Elisa. She was so beautiful and yet so naïve. Oh, Elisa... Why can't you just accept that we're not made for each other? From his left hand, he wrenched off a ring and placed it on her night table.
    Her taste was still in his mouth as Jonathan stepped out into the rain. It wasn't the best taste he'd ever tried but it had still been worth the trouble. Definitely. Jonathan pulled up his hood to keep himself dry and began walking.
Self-portrait by Osterkaktus
A self-portrait of myself. I think it looks pretty accurate!

I used a mouse to draw this. Taking that into account I'm pretty proud of this ;)

        Above me, the sky is bleeding orange and red and the sun is slowly retreating beneath the hills in the distance. The stars are coming and they spot the above like pebbles in a clear lake and bathe the forest in stripes of blue light. Night is coming, and my reign is beginning. I raise my head, sniffing the air silently, closing my eyes to focus only on the smell. A strong gust of wind blows into my face. I've caught the scent. I howl at the moon. Prey. 
    Suddenly, I'm running. Wind whips against me as I run and snowflakes fall around me, painting the ground white and clear. The scent of meat and pine fills my nostrils. It is not far away. My stomach growls within me and my mouth waters. It has been weeks since I've had anything to eat and it's made me weak. I can't run as quickly as I once could and my muscles are weak and untrained. But the hunger within me keeps me going. It is all that stops me from giving up for good.
    I pass a field filled with unsoiled snow and a frozen river that twists and turns until it ends in a big lake. I follow the scent over a hill and past a large human nest of stone. Usually, I stay away from the humans, but in the night they can't defeat me. They know that. Finally I reach a thick pine forest where I slow down, panting in the cold. I can see my own breath before me. I prowl silently through the forest as the scent grows in strength. The rustling of leaves around me hides my approach. Finally, as I look out from a white bush I see it.
    A couple of steps before me, a deer is standing tall and proud. It is muscular, large and mouth-watering. The deer is nibbling on berries from a bush, not knowing it is being watched. I prowl out from my hiding, crawling closer and closer as I growl to fear the prey. It must run. I need to chase it down to get it to expose its vulnerable spots.
    The deer's ears move towards the sound and it looks me in the eye. For a second no one makes a sound and the deer and I simply watch each other. Then I push at the ground with my hind-legs and leap at the deer. It staggers, makes a sound not unlike a scream and starts running. I make a roar and sprint after it. The deer is not far away, and though I am not faster than it, I can keep up for quite a while. At some point it will make a mistake and then I will strike. I leap over a river and slide under a fallen pine. Left. Right. Up. Right. I'm bulging closer and closer, avoiding every obstacle by instinct as if I was made for this one battle. My legs begin to burn from the running but I ignore the pain. I need this one kill. The deer is almost out of the forest. On the open field there is nowhere for it to hide. Finally, it is feeding time. I can almost taste the sweet succulent meat heating my body from my tail to my head...
    The deer makes a sudden left at the border of the forest. I stagger, curse and turn with it. The wind is blowing through my fur, pushing my body away from the prey. Rain is making the ground slippery and filling it with puddles that soak my fur completely. At this point, I do not mind. I have released all feelings of cold, hunger or fatigue. All I focus on is the deer. There, ahead of me. Just a few meters away. Over a stub. Through a bush. Between two trees. It is so close I can almost bite down into its flesh...
    A sudden sting of pain goes through my paw and I stumble head-first onto the snowy ground. Ice hits my head and I howl in pain. I stumbled. I stumbled on a rock. For a time, I just lay there; wallowing in the pain and the humiliation. Get it together, I think to myself as I rise. Now, the cold is suddenly very obvious and the hunger bites through my stomach. I shake the water off my fur and look up. Above me, the moon is still watching for me. I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the forest. The rustling of leaves, the howling of the trees, the sound of little animals crawling around in search of food. I howl at the night sky and prepare myself for battle once again. I have caught the scent.


    Tye sat catching flies. His beard was ragged and filled with sweat and he smelled like someone who hadn't taken baths in years. Kevin had to hold for his nose as he entered the cell. "Tye Lynwood," he said. "How are you feeling today?"
    "Flies, flies, fly into my mouth." His eyes were darting around, chasing a fly stuck in his cell.
    "Are you feeling any more talkative today?" Kevin hunched down on his knees like he was talking to a child.
    "Come fly, don't be scared." Tye gasped as he caught the fly. As he opened his fist slowly to look at it, it flew away.
    "You haven't touched any of your food, Tye." Kevin nodded at the plates of bread and cheese all the prisoners got. "You're just skin and bones."
    "Flies, flies so tasty. Oh so tasty. You try one. Try, try."
    "I've already eaten, Tye. And I'm not one to chase flies." Kevin sighed. He'd been here every day, hoping he could somehow prove his father innocent. But the deranged man would refuse to talk to him. Tye was too obsessed with his flies and his spiders and any other insect that decided to wander into his cell. "If you won't talk to me, there's nothing I can do, can't you see?"
    Tye laughed with happiness as he caught the fly and this time he put his fist in his mouth before opening it. "Ooh, tickles. No no, into my belly. That's good. Good little fly."
    "I can't keep doing this," Kevin said to himself as he got on his feet to leave. "Maybe they're right. Maybe you are just insane."
    "Don't leave me here." Tye looked his son in the eyes. "Please."
Say what!!??

Yes I know I'm a bit slow with the social networks and all this  so-called "technology" but at long last I am finally on Twitter!

I talk mainly about writing and gaming and it is also where I talk about what in the world I'm spending my time on when I'm not on DeviantArt. You can also hear me whine about being a teenager and feel good about yourself for that!
This is my gift to you. So follow me now at @malthesporring and let me know that you're listening! This is all very exciting for me and your support is wildly encouraging. :)

Have a good one! You deserve it.


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