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*Insert meaningful bio here*
Wait, it's this time of the year again?

Oh yes, it's July and that means more flash fiction madness for deviantart.
I'll be writing a flash fiction piece every day of July (or at least try to.)
Look forward to lots and lots of short prose from me!

If you want to join yourself, hop over to this page and sign up.
Hope to see you on the battlefield. Go go go!
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That makes twice.

She says something in an empathetic tone, then starts crying. I barely hear it. Streaks of black crawls down her cheeks like a river of thick ink. Her hair is a mess. She really looks quite horrific.

Her lips move again as she tries to close the distance and place her hands around my neck, bite on its suckle flesh and inject her venom into my veins, infecting me with her curse once again. Make me the horrible addicted slave I’ve been for so long. I keep a distance of two meters away from her. I follow her every move like a watchful crow. If I allow her to touch me, it’s over.

I’ll wake up in four months with a terrible headache and a blurred vision. I’ll be in an old motel in the outskirts of New York. The door behind me will be kicked in and there’ll be a smell of sweat, dust and lust in the air. She’ll be in the bed with a man’s arms curled around her.

I utter the words to her. Twice.

“…” she says.

Twice, I respond. Twice.

Her tears crawl down her neck and inside her shirt. I wonder if they will keep going, down her breasts, her stomach, trickling down her thighs and soak her socks. I wonder if it’ll squish when she walks. I wonder if she’ll care.

While caught in my thoughts, she takes me unwary. She lunges forward like a snake and grabs my hand. Her touch surges through my entire body like a burning flame. It scorches and agonizes. And it’s like her words start making more sense to me. Like I’ve been pulled up from a life underwater and my ears are slowly draining of water.

“I’ll never do it again, beloved – I swear.”

A fog surrounds me. My throat goes hoarse and eyes start watering, melting away the world into one pool of color. A constant ringing drowns out every sound.

I lose count.

    Far below, the rushing waters roared like a continuous and never-ending earthquake.
    He took a small step further out, poked with his left foot to sense how it felt to stand on nothing. It was late autumn and a sudden grey gust crawled inside his breeches and all the way up his legs, sending a chill through his entire body. The gust came from behind, pushing him out over the ledge with icy fingers. He quickly drew his foot back and shuffled a step away from the ledge.
    He forgotten his swimsuit. Doubtlessly, his clothes would just get wet if he delved into the waters below. And besides, he had always had a fear of heights. That mind-tearing sensation of insecurity and danger had always horrified him. Gravity. Hadn’t he always talked about a constant battle against gravity? How it wanted to pull him down, but he had to resist…?
    If there had ever been a time for Alan to go back, it had passed a long time ago. Somewhere lost in the dark chasm of Time, he had thrown away any options into the endless ocean of regret. There was nothing more to discuss for Alan. So instead, he simply stood there for a moment, not doing anything. The wind whispered in his ear.
    Somehow, he was sure that at this moment someone would run up to him and yell “stop!” He’d seen it in movies all the time. The thought made him smile.
    Alan closed his eyes.
    Below, the waterfall rushes steadily. Its endless stream repeats itself without ceasing, and its low murmur echoes throughout the valley. The world is in perfect harmony.

Sometimes I feel so uninspired to do anything else that I write to get productive again.
It's quite nice, actually.
    It was her secret paradise. On top of the small hill by a path carved by colors, beauty stretched for miles. To the east an old harbor stood, fighting against the waves of the ocean. To the west a lush forest extended into the horizon with viridescent spring leaves reaching for the skies. And in the middle of it all, as if by some secret dream, stood a single tall oak tree.
    She would come here whenever the troubles of everyday life became too much for her to handle. She'd tread through the forest, by hidden paths overtaken by roots and over solid rocks that had guarded the haven for ages. She would run past the colorful dandelions until she would reach the top point where the wind was cool and refreshing and the sun's tongue was warm and calming. She'd climb the oak tree and look out through the bundles of leaves, she'd rest by its trunk with an enchanting book or simply lie with closed eyes and let free all her thoughts. She'd be free.
    This is my place, she thought as she looked at the view before her. This is my paradise. A view of animals and humans tirelessly going by on their day, rushing to get to here and there, working and eating and sleeping only to repeat it all. Somehow, she had escaped that frantic routine, as if the haven had taken her away from time itself to a passive standpoint where she could watch in peace.
    Her dream was shattered like dropped glass by the hum of engines and people shouting. As if by some cruel jape by God, when she looked behind the oak tree, she saw a bulldozer and a group of confused men. They climbed their way up the hill slowly, the bulldozers swallowing the dandelions whole and leaving behind a trail of crushed and broken plants. They are going to cut down the oak, she realized. They are going to take away my paradise.
    "Hey, stop!" she yelled as she came running down the hill. "Stop! Stooop!!!"
    The confused men stopped, stared at her in an intrigued fashion before breaking into laughter. "Move aside, little girl," one of them said with a deep and raspy accent. "We have work to do."
    "You can't cut down this tree, its been here forever. Its outlived men by a long shot it..." Her breath shortened and tears began streaming down her cheeks like heavy raindroplets. Its my haven.
The man crouched down to her size. He smelled of tobacco and dust. "Move along, girl. We're building a summer resort and your tree is in the way."
    With streaming tears she ran over to the oak tree and hugged it. With her body as a shield, she pleaded for her haven not to be taken away from her. Whether she was pleading the men or God she did not know.
    A man picked her up and pushed her lightly away from the tree with a single hand. He picked a single acorn from a hanging branch and placed it in her hand. "Go home, annoying little girl. Go home to your parents. Make a new oak tree."

    So she ran home down broken stones and by bulldozer tracks. With the acorn protectively in her hands she hung on to the frail spiders silk hope that the acorn would grow into another big and proud tree. I will get my paradise back. I will. I'm not going to become like the rest. She planted the acorn in a dirt-filled crack in the asphalt road. Every day she checked and watered the seed but no matter how many years she waited it never grew back.
    As the years passed, her tears would dry and the acorn would leave her memory like leaves in the wind. She would come to find a new haven. A paradise where she could escape the restfulness of her work. She had bought a small summer resort on the top of a hill. It lay conveniently right off the turn of Route 501.

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This is my own story my mom told me it was great

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