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    Tye sat catching flies. His beard was ragged and filled with sweat and he smelled like someone who hadn't taken baths in years. Kevin had to hold for his nose as he entered the cell. "Tye Lynwood," he said. "How are you feeling today?"
    "Flies, flies, fly into my mouth." His eyes were darting around, chasing a fly stuck in his cell.
    "Are you feeling any more talkative today?" Kevin hunched down on his knees like he was talking to a child.
    "Come fly, don't be scared." Tye gasped as he caught the fly. As he opened his fist slowly to look at it, it flew away.
    "You haven't touched any of your food, Tye." Kevin nodded at the plates of bread and cheese all the prisoners got. "You're just skin and bones."
    "Flies, flies so tasty. Oh so tasty. You try one. Try, try."
    "I've already eaten, Tye. And I'm not one to chase flies." Kevin sighed. He'd been here every day, hoping he could somehow prove his father innocent. But the deranged man would refuse to talk to him. Tye was too obsessed with his flies and his spiders and any other insect that decided to wander into his cell. "If you won't talk to me, there's nothing I can do, can't you see?"
    Tye laughed with happiness as he caught the fly and this time he put his fist in his mouth before opening it. "Ooh, tickles. No no, into my belly. That's good. Good little fly."
    "I can't keep doing this," Kevin said to himself as he got on his feet to leave. "Maybe they're right. Maybe you are just insane."
    "Don't leave me here." Tye looked his son in the eyes. "Please."
    He always chewed on his pencil when he worked. Every morning he'd bring a new $1 pack of pencils to school and by the end of the day you could tell how hard he'd worked by how many chewed-up pencils there were in the trash. Some days there were none, and he'd probably used his day thinking about some girl rather than working. Other days he'd had to buy a new pack of pencils at lunch break to keep working for the rest of the day.
    It was strange that you almost never saw him writing with a pencil; pen was his preferred choice. He had a slick, expensive one from his father's shop that wrote black ink and felt smooth to the touch.
    He was chewing on a pencil just then. It was English class and they were writing essays, but she couldn't concentrate on writing. Instead, she was trying to chew on her pencil just as he did. Methodically, starting at the bottom and working slowly upwards. But she couldn't keep the pencil in her mouth as she tried to bite in it without using her hands. It always fell to the ground noisily and she had to pick it up to the teacher's disappointed looks.

    By the end of class, he came up to her. "You have to switch between the lower and upper jaw. Like this." He took one of her pencils and placed it in his mouth, showing her how.
    She nodded, trying to hide her blushing face. "I-I'll try that. Thanks."
    He smiled as he walked away, throwing today's used pencils in the trash can. Her pencil was still in his mouth as he walked out of the room, locked between his teeth. 
    She stared at the clock restlessly, waiting for the mistake. Tick tock. Tick tock. The indicators raced around the display like playing children, or like lovers desperately trying to catch a single second together. She stared and stared at the watch, heart pumping as the indicators came closer and closer to the moment...
    The second indicator passed sixty and the minute indicator jumped. Two minutes at once.
    She rushed up, grabbed the clock from the wall and desperately turned the time one minute back. Adrenaline pumped up to her chest, her lips were forced into a smile, she was breathless.
    As she hung the clock back on the wall to complete another routine, she thought to herself: this is living.
    "What in the world... Is that?" James pointed at a collection of humans crowding around a small spherical object as the kicked wildly at each other. "And what is that?" James Bentley looked around frantically, pointing at everything he saw as they flew above the human colony. Humans were walking with other animals in strings. Humans were lying on the ground exposing their body willingly to the UV rays. This is madness.
"It's life, Jim." Captain Sean-001 said with a smile. "But not as we know it." He pointed at a concrete building. Single-colored and fragile. "This is where we picked you up."
    "I... Here? In this contraption? The concrete could have crashed on me any moment." The human let his hand through his sweaty hair.
    "Right here. It was some time in the cold season and I was flying by observing the humans and... You just lay there in front of this home, alone and helpless. In a basket, like from some old American movie." Sean hesitated. "No doubt your mother had left you there hoping someone living here would accept you." The Kin looked at the human. Sean had always been very interested in the human world. While other researchers were assigned jobs interacting with new intelligent civilizations, Sean had begged to be sent to Earth instead. It's probably why he chose a human name. As the only kin alive.
    "I watched you lie in front of the door," Sean-001 continued. "Hours passed and no one came to pick you up, so I took the chance and retrieved you."
    James looked at his captain. "I still don't understand. You could have been banished for bringing a human back to Base. I could have been killed from it. So... Why did you do it?"
    Sean smirked absently. "I've always wanted to have a child. Not a brother built in a lab as a full-grown adult. A human baby. One like you." Sean stared absently at the concrete building, smiling widely.
    James coughed. "I think we need to get you off Earth." He steered the camouflaged ship away from the planet slowly. "And just to be clear, we are never talking about this again."
This One Planet
FFM #19

Bullet; BlueElement ONE: SCIENCE FICTION:- Your story must be written in the science fiction genre.  We're taking a broad brush approach here.  If you're asking "does this count as Sci-Fi?" it probably does.
Bullet; BlueElement TWO: KLINGONS ON THE STARBOARD BOW:-Your story must, at some stage, feature the phrase "It's life, Jim, but not as we know it."
Bullet; BlueElement THREE: TOKENISM:- Your story must feature at least one non-human character.  What counts as human?  That's up to you.
    "Uhm... Excuse me?" Dave looked up from his phone for a moment. A girl was standing in front of him, blushing slightly. "Is this seat taken?"
    "No. Go ahead." Dave scooched to the side to let the girl sit on the bus bench.
    The girl tucked her hair behind her ear and spoke shyly, almost inaudibly: "do you know when the..."
    "Hold on a sec." Dave was typing, telling Jon about where he was and where he was going. He couldn't just stop typing suddenly, they were having a conversation after all. It would be rude not to answer him.
    The girl looked down akwardly. She probably doesn't have a phone, Dave thought as he raced on the keyboard with his thumbs. She's probably too poor to have one. It made him feel a spike of pity for the girl.
    Pling, the phone said as a new snap was recieved. He'd just check that. It could be Jon, he sends so many funny pictures. Dave made a funny face as he took a selfie and sent it to John.
    Pling, the phone said as another text was recieved. It's John again. He should probably respond. Otherwise he would start sending him "alright ignore me then," texts and Dave didn't want any more of those.
    The girl watched as Dave typed away ferociously, back hunching over as he stared closer at his phone. He was smiling all the time, smiling at a piece of metal. "Uh, excuse me?"
    "Listening." He wasn't looking though. The only thing he would look at were the flickering pixels on his screen.
    "Could you tell me when the 910 is coming?"
    "Oh, there's an app for that. Just a second." Dave swiped, looking for that colorful icon...
    Pling, the phone said as Dave got a new email. It was just a survey. Dave didn't have time for that. How do you delete again...
    Pling, the phone said again in its high-pitched tone. Pling. Pling. Pling. Pling. Pling.
When Dave finally looked up from his phoneto answer the girl's question she was leaving, walking towards the 910 bus. It was at that moment that Dave noticed her long, red hair. It draped her shoulders loosely, the ends touching the tip of her lower back. Fire was in the girl's hair and it shone in the sun.
FFM #17 Challenge:
  • Element ONE: Your story must have a theme of social ills.
  • Element TWO: Your story must be serious in nature.
  • Element THREE: Your story must not use any first person pronouns (I, we, us, my, mine, our, ours, etc).
Decided to write about technology taking over our social lives.
If anyone finds any first person pronouns while reading please tell me. Thanks :)
Wait, it's this time of the year again?

Oh yes, it's July and that means more flash fiction madness for deviantart.
I'll be writing a flash fiction piece every day of July (or at least try to.)
Look forward to lots and lots of short prose from me!

If you want to join yourself, hop over to this page and sign up.
Hope to see you on the battlefield. Go go go!
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